Sunday, November 30, 2014

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for the past few weeks, i could not view my blog. It is being re directed to network .....


Friday, February 3, 2012

Ooopps, its' 2012

Ooopps time flies that fast.....
My last post was in 2010 and now year 2012.

So many things did happened last year, 2011....

Back in Brisbane, Australia on August last year, sorting out my studies, i did at QUT.
Finally, got my "Master" certificate.
Now working (with my QUT supervisors) on a paper based on my thesis for submission to a journal.

Beginning of the year 2011, got new job...
In fact, in 2011, i was in three different jobs in three different organisations.
Not bad, after almost 20 years working in one organisation, to which i am proud of, to be in that organisation.
Looking back... feeling emotional abit... and looking forward to new challenges....

Just after my last post in 2010, managed to get through with my "Executive Development Program for Middle Management Officer" at ILIA,UBD, 0ne of the four local Universities.

Finally got the results in September 2011 (if not mistaken). Placed at number 4 out of 25. Feeling happy about it, eventhough the marks are very closed. i think only 10 point separating the first and the last person in the ranking.

Finally, now i am playing golf, after more than a decade of innuendo.
Started my golf lesson with a pro at our local golf course (Empire and Country Golf Course) in July last year and managed to finish the 9 lesson on the first week this year, 05 Jan 2012.

Still learning my swing and play at the 3-par golf course at Jerudong Golf and Country Club. So far twice. Taking it easy.

well i end this time by quoting

No one wants advice - only corroboration.
by: John Steinbeck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canon P & S digital camera

I was getting a new canon p&s (point and shoot) digital camera last weekend. This is as for a replacement to my damage (by my kids) pocket canon powershot A470is p&s digital camera. I bought canon powershot s95.

This is a very strong feeling that i missed alot of photo oppurtunity, because i do not have a camera handy with me most of the time since my A470is was damage earlier this year.

I do not want for others to use my S95 and ending up, i was buying 5 canon p&s digital camera. One each for my family, including 2 no canon powershot A495 for my 6 and 7 years old daughter and son. Canon Ixus 105 for my wife, canon powershot A590is for my other daughter and canon A2000is for the other boy.

I could have bought a new DSLR with the above buying spree. But now, i have all members of the family into photography. This is much more than getting a new DSLR.

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.
by:Jane Austen

hmmm.... about new DSLR .. the nikon D7000 is very tempting....
(am i going to be a nikon convert - away from canon)
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I spent about one hour taking photoshot at my mum farm this morning.

I was not that very creative.... could not managed to get a good photo.

I was standing underneath this tall coconut tree. Must be about 10 meter height.
And i was thinking, it was a very risky to be standing underneath. But yet, i get use to it.

Taking a closer look, there are lots of coconuts which are old and at any time will just fell down. The brown in colour coconuts are old one.
If the coconut hits my head spot on, it can cause fatality or atleast a very serious head injury.

In building construction site, this area is a 'hard hat must be worn at all time'.

There were alot of mosquitoes. In that one hour, i must have smack closer to one hundred of them. I am confident of the number....

I took a closer photo of one of the mosquito, which is enjoying sucking my 'sweet' blood.... and what i really need is a macro lens....

Earlier today, i was thinking of entering a photo competition, but when i got the form, it was a big turn off. One of the clause says... ''Any photo submitted, the photohrapher will give the organiser the copyright".

This is not a photo competition!!!... but a ripped-off of photographer copyright.

Imagine, if i want a photograph of something... and the easiest way to get this, is to run a competition like above. With a small prize to give away... i could be ending up with a lot of photographs to choose from. The prizes might cost me less than hiring a professional photographer.

This practice is just like the mosquitoes.... sucking other people bloods out....

Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.
By:Niccolo Machiavell

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trying firework shoot

I got these during the last weekend firework displays at Tutong Town.

The fireworks show lasted about 45 minutes.

I know how hard it is to get a good picture. I did shoot alot and only like two. None here though...

Shooting with my canon 40D. I found that the bulb control is not easy. I have not found the manual setting, the one canon have on canon 7D and 5D mark II, where i can control the bulb time manual by releasing the shutter release button. It is that easy on canon 7D and 5DMII.

On other hand, there might be possible with canon 40D, but the control buried inside the menu.... but thenagain i doubt it.

Getting the subject 'centre of focus' was hard. The above photo is having two cente of focus. I don't think it is good.

With no manual release control of the bulb time, it was hard to get the image shoot at the right time exposure. The above shows trails of lights. May be good and might not be good.

Getting the right composition is also difficult.

At this moment, i am still trying to get my picture publish....

It feels good and gratifying when your photo is accepted for publishing....
I felt it first time when one of my photo was selected and accepted by back then in 2008, for my Mt Goo-Tcha Botonical Garden (Brisbane) shoot.

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
by: Aristotle Onassis

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Friday, July 16, 2010

64th HM Birthday Coverage

I was trying a few things here. One, was trying to do the event photography. So as in photojournalism. Another, was trying to in-print my name on the pictures being published.

well both need so more work on it...

I use picasa to upload these images and put the option of watermark. I can't see the watermark. I will have to check this further when the upload is done.

There were so many things happenning at the one time. I need to have some kind of focus as what i want to capture.
For sure, i cannot cover the official event up-close, as i do not have the media pass.

Things happens so fast. A moment is all it take to capture that moment.

This boy came up to me wanting for his picture taken. A very courages young boy. Must be around four years old, from the look. I missed a second when i took the shoot. He was performing a solute for a very brief time.

Something was lagging of me. It took me awhile to be aware that he wanted his picture taken.

I need to understand the situation fast and take advantages of it.

Tried to create - "We are looking at something" image impression.

Helicopters' flight pass-by. Tried to create a mignificant view.

This quote is something.... May be it all about the above...

When all is said and done, more is said than done.
By:Lou Holtz
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Sunday, July 11, 2010


It has been a long while since my last blog......

A lot of things has happened since then....

One thing is for sure... we are all spending in moderation these days....

What was then a norms... now is a luxuries....

but most of all.... time is a real luxuries these days...

If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.
by: Jack Kerouac
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